Signs of a Boring Relationship- Relationship Advice

When relationship is over leave. Don’t continue watering a dead flower. The excitement of the early stages of a relationship simply don’t last. May be your partner can feel bore and they are showing you signs of boring relationship. Over time, excitement can fizzle out and you’re left feeling deflated and uninterested. It’s the moment when nothing is fun enough and the daily routine conquers your relationship. The way you know its time to leave a relationship.

6 Signs of a Boring Relationship

  1. They are not putting in effort –  Its not just about how much time they spend with you, but how much time they spend with you. If the feelings are mutual, the energy will be equal. But remember energy shown in different ways. And often we find people who put too much  energy into starting a relationship and so little energy into ending one.
  2. They Expect You To Change – Your partner should never expect you to change unless its for better. But sometimes, it starts to change your very essence. It starts to change your source, who truly are, what brings you alive. Whenever they expect that to change, its time to leave. Consider how hard it is to change yourself, you will realize what little change you have in changing anyone else. If you’re staying in a relationship or getting into one and expecting to change you’re in this for the wrong reason. And if the person does change sooner or later you will have something else, anther update, another upgrade. Don’t fall in love with a flower and than try to change its scent.Break Up
  3. Your Core Values are Different – When your fundamentals values & beliefs are different see, values and beliefs are like rocks that keep your relationship grounded. They build the foundation of your relationship. And when you start to see that these are going in two separate ways, two distant paths, That’s when you know you need to leave.
  4. You Stop Growing – When relationship holds you back, preventing both of you from growing as individuals. Relationship is ultimately a third identity formed through two individuals. Every relationship therefore evolves based on how individuals is growing. Sometimes, one will grow faster than other. Sometimes, you’ll be growing at the same time. And sometimes, both of you will stop growing. That’s when you know its time to leave.
  5. Reliving Old Memories Instead of Creating New – When you keep reliving over & over again past memories and have stopped creating new ones in the present. Things change, people changes. If the feelings are no longer there, its time to move on. Sometimes, we stay in a relationship because of the nostalgia. We live in the memories of the past. We walk through them over & over again thinking about how amazing things were. Not realizing that we haven’t created on of these moments for days, months or years.
  6. Not Learning From Mistakes – You know its time to leave not when someone makes too many mistakes, but when they make the same mistake too many times. See relationships are constantly trying to teach us, constantly trying to get us to learn. And if we don’t learn the lesson now, we’re forced to learn it. Again & again & again. Letting go means coming to the realization that some people are better left as part of your history than trying to drag them into your future. 


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