Hotel Job Opening in Dubai 2021

Hotel Job Opening in Dubai 2021

The hotel industry relates to serving the customers and satisfying them with the service. It is one of the leading businesses flourishing in Dubai. Moreover, Dubai is popularly known for its excellent hospitality. Different hotels and restaurants are established in the city to deliver perfect service to incoming customers. Since the major target of such an industry is customer satisfaction it is very important to fulfill their needs and requirements. So, if you are seeking a hotel job opening in Dubai 2021 then here goes the right writing for you which delivers useful tips to grow your future in the hotel line.

With the modernization, most of the people have changed their lifestyle and admire dining or doing lunch and breakfast in hotels. Similarly, they also desire to experience the service of the hotel. A hotel offering good service is preferable by everyone and supports them to raise their revenue. Due to the emergence of more hospitality industries, the competition is very high and employers wish to hire more skilled and experienced personnel for their company. They want their employee to be more competitive than other company’s employees. Hence, employers also provide special training for their staff.

Due to its popularity in hotel service number of customers visit Dubai to experience the perfect service. Every year number of vacancies are opened by the hotel employers to recruit the fresh talents of the market. You can apply when the company publishes its job opening. It will be better to apply earlier otherwise because of high competition you may lose your chance. Therefore, you will require applying at the right time through the right process to get the job employment in Hotel job openings in Dubai 2021.

What are the roles and responsibilities of hotel employees?


An individual cannot run away from their responsibility when they are hired for assigning the given task. It is their duty to complete it on time with proper methods. Since the whole industry depends on the work performance of different teams of different departments there should be effective coordination among them. Proper communication and collaboration among the departments will enhance the efficiency of the industry and boost their capability.

Furthermore, it is not so simple to get a job in Dubai. As the competition is very tough there is less chance of getting an opportunity although the city is known as the land of opportunity. Being a hotel staff your major role will be making the guests happy by providing them with proper service. You should be responsible to assist them with the hotel facilities like accommodation, food, transport, etc. Moreover, you will require escorting them to the table and place them in a comfortable setting. You should be available every time and respond to the guests whenever they ask for queries. Additionally, you should ensure that the guests or customers are satisfied with the service and help them if they have any issues.

An ideal employee should have the ability to cope with the problems raised. Sometimes they may require handling the difficult guests in such case it is your duty to short out the problems along with the solution. You will also have to report your seniors about the problems raised. Hence, you should be concerned about the satisfaction of customers and try every possible way to feel pleasure.

Benefits of working in hotel job opening in Dubai

Everyone wishes to have a job that has some certain benefits. Likewise, working in the hotel industry also has several benefits. Such advantages let the job seekers get more attracted to this sector. Having a job with some merits also motivate the staff and supports them to increase their productivity. They get encouraged to perform activities and also reduces employee turnover.

Some pros of having a job in the hotel sector are as follows:-

  • Better salary and social benefit

Getting a job in international hotels will advantage you with an impressive salary and social benefits. The pay scales for the hotel staff are higher than in other industries. Moreover, the offerings like free airfare, vacation allowance, etc. allow the employees to grow their future in this field. Since it is the fastest-growing career path you will achieve various such employee welfare benefits.


  • Proper career prospects

Working with a hotelier helps you to upgrade your career in a related field. Since there are many chances for post-promotion depending on your performance you should level up your performance. When you will earn more experiences in your area automatically your work history will support you to enhance your level which is good for your career.


  • Improves foreign language

You will need to work with different nationalities in a large industry. They may belong to different nations with various languages. Hence, doing a job with a team of diversity will aid you in learning many international languages. You can also deal better with the guests if you are well-known about the language.


  • National and international mobility

As large hotels have many branches nationally and internationally you can gain the chance to have your duty in other branch hotels. It will let you fly internationally and fulfill your dream to travel to more countries. Similarly, you could achieve your aspirations through job employment in the hospitality industry.


  • Learning excellence

There is an existence of highly expert people in large industries. Hence, performing under them will assist you in learning more skills from them. You can take their advice and follow them accordingly. Moreover, as they are experienced personnel they will guide you properly and show you the right direction to achieve your targeted goals.


  • Support for your resume

Since all the business employers are well-known with other enterprises having a work history in the reputed and well-established company will definitely add a plus point to your resume. It displays your engagement with large companies and you can easily gain the desired position in other enterprises. It also works as a supportive business card for your CV.


Hotel Job Opening in Dubai 2021

There are various jobs opening in hotel job. As more and more hotels and restaurants are opened for customer service many positions are available for the candidates who are eager in joining the hotel line.

Some available jobs in the hotel where you can apply have been described below:-

  • Hotel Manager

A hotel manager is the one who observes and takes the responsibility for the overall functioning of the hotel. From supervision to the motivation of employees overall activities are monitored by a manager of a hotel. Moreover, he will require interacting with the customers and responding to their queries too. He is responsible to arrange the comfortable stay of visitors and ensure their safety and security too. To encourage the employees and motivate them for doing an accurate job he should organize various programs and meetings.

An experienced manager will permit the involvement of their staff in meetings. It means an employee can share their problems and also advise for the betterment of the sector. To become a hotel manager you have to complete your high school diploma or degree in hotel management. Besides, you should have better communication skills and the capacity to face the challenge and offer better decisions in the future.


  • Front Desk Agent

The first contact that the visitor or guests will get in touch with is the front desk agent. Hence, you should always greet and welcome every guest with a warm smile and an open heart. As guests are the main source of revenue you should be concerned about their necessities. You can also add some special amenities in their arrival to deliver standard service. Moreover, you will need to interact with them and make sure they are having a comfortable stay in a hotel. The job duties of a front desk agent include handling and answering calls, greetings and welcoming guests, delivering needed service to clients, booking reservations, responding to emails, etc.

A high school diploma or degree holder can apply for the front desk level. Generally, this post is entry-level in nature so a candidate with no experience can also obtain the work opportunity. As you will be the first contactor with the guest you should know about their details and preference. Additionally, you should also respond to guest’s queries for accommodation or food facility in the hotel.


  • Bell boy

A bell boy in a hotel has to carry the luggage and bags of the incoming and outgoing guests. They should assist the customers in their rooms and ensure their safety in the room. As a bell boy, you may be asked to change the guest’s rooms, call for a taxi for clients, or deliver messages to the related guests. You need to ensure the safe landing of client’s baggage in their room. Other additional duties of a bell boy may include greeting guests, answering them about the hotel if asked, tagging luggage, communicating with other members, etc. To become a bell boy of a hotel you should exceed 18 years and have completed a high school diploma. Additionally, you should have the capability to carry heavy luggage and consist of good physical health.


  • Housekeeping staffs

Housekeeping works include cleaning the room, bathroom, changing the bedsheets and pillow covers, sweeping the floor, wiping the windows and doors, muffing, scrubbing the required areas, etc. They have the responsibility to keep the area clean and tidy. They are known as room attendants who are responsible for keeping the accommodation and public areas neat and clean. Similarly, as a housekeeper, you will have to pass a high school diploma or equivalent. You should have proper knowledge of cleaning chemicals and their proper use. You will have to provide all the necessities like bath towels, shampoo, slipper, laundry service, etc. to the inhouse guests.


Commonly asked interview questions for hotel job opening in Dubai 2021

We have listed some commonly asked questions in an interview. You can practice it and be more confident while facing an interview for the job in Dubai. Since prior preparation will enhance your confidence level it is very important to rehearse the frequent questions.

  • Tell me about you.
  • What are your strength and weakness?
  • Can you work under pressure?
  • How do you handle the pressurized situation?
  • Have you ever experienced a difficult situation in your work life?
  • Why are you leaving your previous job?
  • What do you know about our company?
  • Why do you want to join us?
  • What contribution would you make for us if hired?
  • Why are you unique?

Conclusion for Hotel Job Opening in Dubai 2021

In summary, we are sure that you have achieved some information regarding hotel jobs. Since many hotels are emerging in the city the recruiters are in search of skilled and experienced candidates. If you want to consider yourself as one of the applicants then you require fulfilling the job requirements. You are eligible to apply after meeting the job descriptions. Moreover, you can search for a job on online job sites. The company will post its vacancy on its official websites too. It will be beneficial if you visit their websites and apply through them too. You can also take help from your networks as networking helps people get together and relay the information.

Furthermore, lots of people are waiting for the job chance as Dubai is a city that offers various benefits to its employees. You can earn a high and live a quality life exploring the nightlife of the city. Being a multicultural nation, you can learn about different religions and cultures. Additionally, you will gain respect and a friendly environment working in diversity. You can learn more skills as well as get to know about nationalities. As Dubai welcomes the world in it to develop the economic condition there exists a huge mass of foreign employees.

Therefore, if you are also planning to go to Dubai for a hotel job then it is the right choice. Moving with the aim of reaching your destination will certainly let you attain your goals. You just need to focus on your plans and make a suitable strategy to obtain them. The right selection of plans and implementation of stable actions will help you be a successful person.


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