How to Back up data of your phone (Images, videos, Files)

We can see the growth in smartphone industries and many evolutions and improvements in different sectors in the IT industry of the world. Many heavy apps and games have been released, which takes a lot of space on your phone. Smartphone these days comes with high camera megapixel and capability that takes much space just by one click, and due to the higher capacity of the camera the video quality is incredible, and it takes even more storage.

Moreover, people store many files and videos in their devices which need to be backed up for future uses and make your phone free of junks. In this blog, we will tutor you on how to back up your data in different ways.

Cloud Backup

The most ordinary way of backing up your data is Cloud back up, and it is used most often. A famous company like Google has its Cloud back up known as Google Drive for files and lossless video quality and Google Photos for backing up photos contained in your device. ANd Google apps even come with android phones itself, so there’s no huge issue.

OneDrive is also a cloud storage service owned by Microsoft and works the same as Google Cloud. The best thing about cloud backup is you can access your data from anywhere with only having internet access.

Google Photos:

Many of you are already using Google Photos, but you may be still unknown to its power of storing photos and videos. It backs up every image and video on your device if you have set it up to make an auto backup so that you should not have to do it manually. If you haven’t set it to back up automatically then you can do that by the following process:

  • Open the Google Photos application,
  • When you are in the menu, tap to Settings,
  • Tap ‘Backup & sync’
  • And make sure that the switch is turned on for automatic backup.

The most elegant feature of this app is you can upload an unlimited amount of photos at the average quality and video up to 1080p for free, which is enough for most of the people.

Google Drive:

If you have ever noticed, you gain 15GB of free cloud storage on every google account you make. It is enough for regular users and small file shares without any loss of quality. Still, if you want to share large files and if you are an organization you should consider buying more storage on Google Drive because 15 GB of cloud storage won’t be enough to backup your all data. In Google Drive, you can upload any kinds of files, including images and videos without any restrictions. To manually upload your files to Google Drive, simply follow these steps:

  • Download Google Drive, only if you don’t have it on your phone,
  • Press the ‘+’ icon when on the homepage of the app,
  • Tap ‘Upload’ button,
  • Select the files to backup.

And boom you have successfully backed your data to the Cloud.


There’s not only google providing cloud storage service. Microsoft has it’s own cloud storage service called Microsoft OneDrive that works the same as google cloud storage, and it is a straight competitor of Google Drive. If you have subscribed to Microsoft Office 365 package, then you will get 1 TB cloud storage for your data. The procedure to upload is as same as Google Drive:

  • Download Onedrive app from play store,
  • Press the ‘+’ icon when on the homepage of the app,
  • Tap ‘Upload’ button,
  • Select the files to backup.

Backup using your computer or laptop:

If you don’t want to store data on the phone and Cloud too then, you can easily backup all your files directly to your old system directly for long term access. It is effortless to transfer your data from android or iOs to any old computer device by using just a data cable.

  • Plug your USB cable to the computer and phone both,
  • Open your phone storage through the computer via a dialogue box, or you can navigate to ‘My Computer.’
  • Drag the records you want to backup to a folder on your computer

It’s easy to backup your files from the phone to the computer.

In conclusion, we can back up any kind of files of our phone using Cloud or by locally storing data to your computer. Anyone from anywhere via internet access can access cloud storage with the account registered to store the data. Meanwhile, a computer or laptop can be used to back up your files locally and can be accessible for a long time.

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