Security Guard Jobs for Fresher 2021

Security Guard Jobs for Fresher 2021

Dubai has become one of the best work destinies for most of the people from the world. It is the fastest-growing city that allows many job hunters to get the employment facility. Since the city lacks skilled and experienced manpower there is a high requirement of talented human resources for the development of the business as well as the city. Due to the implementation of stable and effective policies, the city is growing its development rapidly. Hence, if you are planning to get a security job here goes that article for security guard jobs for fresher 2021.

Moreover, it is well-known as the business hub of many foreign countries. Employers from many countries come together to form a large business and gain their business profit.

Similarly, with the enhancement of business large industries are emerging. It is very necessary to protect the business from robbers and crime. Hence, such big industries are in search of safety expertise personnel who can protect and prevent the buildings and employees from any kind of outer harm. Furthermore, security personnel is those who get recruitment by the company to protect and ensure the safety of the office and its staff. Every organization wishes to have more security to safeguard their assets. For this, they require more numbers of security guards who are proficient in safeguarding and perform effectively for the security of the business companies.


if you have experience as security personnel then you can apply for the job and achieve the career goals. Additionally, you can upgrade your skills and take your career to the next level. Having a chance to work in an international company will provide you with lots of chances that will certainly grow you into an ideal individual. You will get various job chances even after the expiry of your visa in Dubai. The experience gained will always provide you advantages.

What are the roles and duties of a security guard jobs for fresher 2021?

As a security guard of a company, you will have to take care of the company’s assets. It is your duty to safeguard and protect the company from any kind of harm or effect that may create a loss of the company. Similarly, a security guard should ensure all the exit points are safely locked at night and requires going for a patrolling on daily basis. Moreover, you should monitor the surveillance equipment and inspect the buildings and equipment. You should also be able to permit and prohibit the entry of the individuals as per requirement.

A security guard should be responsible for the entry and exit of every individual in the industry. As we never know what may happen in the future the record of every person who has visited the company should be maintained daily for future need. Likewise, it will benefit if you report the management about any suspicious to behave or happening of any individual. Since the surveillance cameras are very important to investigate any kind of issues it should be maintained and properly monitored. You will have to respond quickly to the alarms and take necessary actions promptly.

Additionally, you will require providing assistance and support to the needy people. It is necessary to submit the report of daily monitoring tools like examining surveillance, patrolling of all the premises of the company, number of guards deployed in every shift, etc.

Skills and qualifications of a security guard jobs for fresher 2021

Since the whole company relies on the safety of a security guard, you must have specific skills to become ideal security personnel. Moreover, you should have academic qualifications to perform the duty efficiently. A security guard should have years of experience in the related role and have proper knowledge of legal guidelines for area security and public safety. You should have the experience of report writing as a daily report needs to be submitted. To deliver protective service to the employees and organization you should carry outstanding surveillance and observation skills.

It is also essential to have years of experience in surveillance systems. Sometimes you may require providing first aid to the injured persons. So, you must have gained training for it and also in self-defense. An organization seeks the registered security so you must have the certification of registration as a security officer. Furthermore, you should be a critical thinker and have the ability to solve the issues raised. A good team player can perform well so for the effective security of the company you should be a team player and also has good management skills.

Additionally, you will have to interact continuously with the visitors so you should possess proper communication skills. You will gain specific training for the emergency and should have completed your high school diploma for getting employment as a security guard. Similarly, you should be flexible in working as you may have different shifts for security activities. Sometimes you will have to perform your duty in the morning and sometimes at night or even double duty.

Useful steps to become a security guard in the UAE

It is vital to fulfilling the criteria provided to have employment as a security guard in Dubai. Otherwise, you may get rejection and won’t have the chance to show your performance. Hence, if you are also willing to have the security guard job in Dubai then here are some useful tips that can support you for reaching your dream job:-

  • Education

The security job in Dubai is an entry-level job. It requires a high school diploma for recruitment. Moreover, if you are planning to get the opportunity at a higher level then you may have to complete a degree in criminal justice or any related field.


  • Skills

Your skills play a vital role in having the selection of a security guard. As the skills allow you to perform every work properly and on time, you should build effective communication and have the ability to think faster and critically. Moreover, you should have good judgment in dangerous situations. You should also have a good understanding of public safety and security. It is required to have proper knowledge of laws and regulations in the area of security. You will require developing a capability to work independently as well as in a team.


  • Background

A security guard should be free from any kind of criminal activity. You should not have the record of any local criminal record that creates obstacles in your career. Likewise, you should not possess a criminal conviction record in any gulf country or internationally. It will be beneficial if you have good police records and do not have any record in crime.


  • Experience

Your experience plays a significant role in your security career. The more you gain experience the more efficiently you can work in the industry. Your experience will deliver you the ability to work more effectively and easily. In Dubai for being a security guard, you should have at least 2 years of experience in any security company or should have worked in the military, police, or a law enforcement agency.


How can we prepare for the security guard jobs search in Dubai?

To apply for the security guard jobs in Dubai, you will have to do the following listed preparation. Since prior preparation plays a vital role in enhancing your chance of getting employed you should have proper concern for its preparation:-

  • Document confirmation

The first thing you need to think about is to verify your academic documents. It is required to confirm the documents from the exam control office and ministry of the foreign affair of your home country. Similarly, the final verification should be done in your country’s consular office in the UAE. It is not needed to do the verification if you are a resident of the UAE or have a degree in the UAE.


  • Experience certificate

To be a security guard in Dubai you must have at least 2 years of experience as a security guard. Moreover, you should be engaged in the police, army, or any related field. It is also required to gain the experience letter or certificate from the previous organization as it supports you for getting employment in a new company. Likewise, your new boss can also learn about you through your experience certificate.


  • Training certificate

Since the training delivers more knowledge about the security activities it will aid in making you professional. Such training certificates will work as a support for you and you may become more preferable than the one without training. It is better to have the course completion certificate as you will be able to teach others about safety skills and security skills.


  • Take a SIRA course

In Dubai, it is compulsory to take the SIRA training for all the persons who are involved in a security job. Getting a SIRA course will be a plus point for you in your job and the interview. So, you can gain training if there are any possible ways to gain it.

How to look for security guard jobs in Dubai?

After the preparation of the job hunting now you have to seek the job in Dubai. We have mentioned some tips for finding a security guard jobs in Dubai which are as follows:-

  • Be less dependent on online job search

Many people use online job portals for searching for a job as a security guard. They highly depend on the online news and apply it. But it is not good to depend more on them as they may be fake. You will find several results for the vacancy but you will have to visit the only reliable site to apply for the post of a security guard in Dubai.


  • Apply for the job on the company website only

If you are interested to apply for the job through online registration then you require applying on the company website only. You should check the official site of the company and examine the career over there. You will find the latest vacancy there and can apply by submitting the requested documents.


  • List down the security companies in Dubai

You have to find all licensed and registered security companies in Dubai. It will aid in applying for the job in a Security Company. If you join the company having PSBD and SIRA guard supplying licenses then you can be SIRA and PSBD guard in near future. So, visit licensed companies only for achieving the right output.


  • Prepare for an interview

When you get a golden call from the employer, it’s time to make yourself ready for an interview. It is essential to do prior preparation for the interview phase. It will be fruitful if you also practice commonly asked questions for a security guard job. Moreover, doing proper homework will enhance your confidence level and boost up your speaking skills.


  • Training, test, and license

It is the final phase of the security guard hunting process in Dubai. After being selected from an interview you will have to join the training. What types of training you prefer taking depend on what security guard system you had preferred. It is required to pass the test from SIRA to get the license if you go for training in SIRA cadre academy. Similarly, you have to pass the test from PSCOD to get the license if you move for training in PSCOD.

Conclusion for security guard jobs for fresher 2021

In conclusion, we can say that Dubai offers many opportunities for all sectors. Likewise, security guards are the one who guards the overall assets of the company. In Dubai, the salary of a security guard is more as compared to other gulf countries. Hence, you can earn and live a quality life working with authorized security companies. More and more chances will appear automatically when you will be skilled enough to perform the job.

Moreover, Dubai allows the world to come and contributes to the overall development of the city and nation. Since business is the major source for its revenue large companies are emerging with the announcement of more and more vacancies for foreign employees. You can obtain employee benefits and have a satisfying job engaging with the employers of Dubai’s company.


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