What is SEO ? Important SEO Tools for Website

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the procedure of gaining traffic from natural, organic, or editorial from organic search results based on search engines. Major search engines like bing and google have a crucial outcome. Different pages and other web contents like pictures, audio, video, or local listings are displayed and ranked in the search engine based on what the “search engine considers most applicable to users”.

The search engine sorts the webpages form different websites and rank them in the search engine based on user’s demand.

There are four different types of search available in the search engine; those are:

  • Local search (text)
  • Video search
  • Audio/voice search
  • Image search

What goes hooked on SEO?

To value the genuine sense of SEO, let’s break the characteristics down and observe at the fraction:

  • Quality of traffic. You can quickly draw all the visitors in the globe by learning SEO tricks and understanding the algorithms of the search engine.
  • Quantity of traffic. Once you attract viewers via those search engine results pages (SERPs), additional traffic is improved.
  • Organic results. Advertisements make up a vital portion of many search engine results pages (SERPs). For organic traffic, you don’t have to pay any charges.

You might be probably wondering how the search engine gathers the relevant results according to your search.

How does SEO work?

You might wonder a search engine displays you the information with a long list of websites that happens magically or randomly. If yes, you are wrong. But there is always a trick behind the magic that displays your search result. Search engines like: Google (or any search engine) has a crawler. It goes out and collects information regarding all the possible content which they can come across on the Internet. Finally, the crawlers fetch all those 1s and 0s back to the search engine. It builds and index. The index is fed via algorithms and tries to compare that information with your query.

Keyword research tools

  • SEMrushWell, SEMrush is an online-based SEO tool. It helps in keyword research, helps in tracking keyword tactic of your competitors. It also does an SEO audit of your blog/website. It looks for backlinking prospects and many more. It is a trusted tool used worldwide; the significant number of businesses use it from small scale to larger.

It starts with two trail packages. The first one is Pro which, is free for seven days. After that, you need to pay $99.95 per month.

40 additional tools including:

  1. Three projects
  2. 500 keyword to track
  3. 100,000 pages to crawl
  4. PDF export

The second one is Guru. It’s free for the first seven days. After that, you need to pay $199.95 per month.

40 additional tools including:

  1. 15 projects
  2. 1,500 keywords to track
  3. 300,000 pages to crawl
  4. Branded PDF reports
  5. Content marketing platform
  6. Multitargeting
  7. Historical data
  • Ahrefs: Ahrefs is the most elegant competitor research and SEO tool till the date. Ahrefs has the broadest backlink index comparing to any other remaining tool. Through this tool, you can scout on your competitor’s used keywords, backlinks SEO strategies, and many more.
  • Ubersuggest: Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool. It specializes in creating new keyword ideas. Digital marketer, entrepreneur Neil Patel recently acquired it. He has expanded the feature since then and initially founded as a tool that scraped Google Suggest terms considerably.

Plagiarism checker

Firstly what is plagiarism? It is the practice of taking other’s work, expression, idea, and presenting as one’s own and making an example based on online content. If you copy the text, image, audio, or video of any website to your site stating as your content that’s so-called plagiarism, still it is not fruitful to copy the exact content to your site. Google detects plagiarism, and you won’t be able to rank your webpages on the search engine.

These are a few tools you can use to find plagiarism based on text.
  • Small Seo ToolsSmallSEOtools is a web-based tool to detect plagiarism based on text. You can check plagiarism but the word limit is 1000 at one time. If your content is lengthy, you need to do it several times. That consumes a bit of more time. Copy the text and paste on the text field then click on ‘check plagiarism’.
  • DupliCheckerDupliChecker is a web-based tool to detect plagiarism. Below ” Please enter your text below and press Check Plagiarism ” paste your content and click on ‘check plagiarism’. You can scan 50 times per day if you are a registered user. It is free and easy to use. But for unregistered users, they can only check plagiarism for once a day.
  • Copyleaks: It is a cloud-based authentication platform where you can easily track how E-learning information is used on the Internet. It comes up with a variety of tools with multiple file formats and languages. It is mainly applicable for education and business purposes. You can access the tool after the registration. There is a drawback that only the first ten pages are for free.
  • PaperRater: PaperRater is a multi-purpose plagiarism detector tool. It is used in more than 140 countries. This tool has faster results and is developed by industry experts. The key features of this site are plagiarism checker, Grammar check, proofreader along vocabulary builder. But if you are planning to save reports via Paperrater probably, you must try the other tools.
  • PlagScanPlagScan is a free plagiarism detector tool for individuals as well as businesses. It is fully integrated online, and subscription isn’t necessary for private users. It has some unique integration features. But the sad part of the tool is, it has a relatively complex interface which may be confusing to end-users.


Grammarly is an enhancer tool for detecting grammar, punctuation, spelling mistakes, vocabulary enhancement, and makes your writing catchy. Its algorithm detects the errors and lists us suggestions for making your writing better. It works under artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

You can use Grammarly for free or paid. The free package has limited tools. To use the Grammarly tool, you can either use Grammarly Extension on your web browser or download Addons for outlook and MS-word. You simply need to login and use the service.

Concluding the whole topic, we would suggest you follow these procedures wisely. None of these tools is paid or affiliated feel free to access it according to your convenience. Also, comment down below the tools you felt fascinating.

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